Welcome to Cairns-Dorlifta

The Cairns-Dorlifta is a foot operated door lifter for lifting various sizes and types of doors as well as gates and wallboard. The door lifter can also be used as a door wedge while drilling the holes and screw fixing latch.

The Cairns Door Lifter Lifts Doors, Gates, Wall Boards and Plasterboard

Door Lifter being used to hang door. The lifter can also be used to lift Wallboard, Plasterboard and Gates
  • Maximum lifting weight is 60kgs.
    ( if lifting over the maximum weight of 60kgs damage may occur )
  • Maximum height 95mm (3.75 inches).
  • Enables user to install or repair a door much more quickly and easily.
  • Reduces amount of effort when lifting a door and as the door lifter holds it at the required height in the door frame.
  • The door is placed on the platform of the door lifter and is pumped vertical in the door frame by just the right amount using the foot pedal.
  • Both hands are free to hold the door when aligning the door in the door frame.
  • Allows one person to hang a door, eliminating need for a second person to complete the job.
  • The door lifter greatly increases speed in which a door can be hung or repaired.
  • May reduce labour cost and may increase productivity for professional contractors.
  • Ideal for use by joiners (carpenters), wall board installers, DIY and other contractors.
  • The Cairns-dorlifta, lifts doors, wall board, plasterboard, etc,. vertically and locks at the height required.
  • Is a compact tool box tool. There when you need it and there when you don’t.